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This information page provides the prospective traveller a few essential facts about Obzor, Bulgaria, and aims to highlight the place's appeal as a holiday destination.

Location and background
The village of Obzor is located on the Black Sea coast, in the foothills of the Balkan Mountains. This unique location provides the opportunity to combine beach tourism with hikes to the nearby hills and forests.
The name 'obzor' means 'panorama' or 'view' and relates to the spectacular views from the hilltops towards the sea and the nearby capes.
The current tradition in tourism emerged in the mid '60s, with the rise in demand for international travel within the former Eastern block. In the '70s, '80s and early '90s Obzor, as well as the other towns on the Bulgarian seacoast, were the main summer holiday destination for the whole of Eastern Europe, i.e. East Germany, Poland, Hungary and Czechoslovakia, as well as Bulgaria. Nowadays it is popular with tourists from all over Europe.
Obzor's population is about 2,000 people. In summer this multiplies because of the influx of tourists.
The climate is suitable for beach sunbathing from early May to mid October. The sea bathing season lasts from late May until late September.

Getting there
Obzor is located at approx. one hour by car from two airports – Varna to the north and Burgas to the south. From May to October there are charter flights to both airports from most major European centres.
From the airport it is recommended to use either taxi or private transport, as there are no direct public transport links between the airports and Obzor.

  • Taxi fares are not expensive by most countries' standards, however you are advised to agree the price with the driver in advance. As a rough guide a one way journey from either airport to Obzor should not cost more than 70 lv.
  • Airport lifts can be arranged with your hosts prior to your arrival. This is the most reliable way to make sure that you are comfortable with price and journey time.

If travelling by car, you are likely to pass through either Varna or Burgas. Directions are well indicated. Please note that from Varna you need to follow the Burgas signs and from Burgas – the ones saying Varna.


  • Beach: 7 or 8 kilometres of sandy beaches. Along the stretch below the village the beach is lifeguarded and well maintained, i.e. parasols, water-bikes, jet-ski for rent, beachside bars and eateries.

In the vicinity of Obzor, i.e. within 10 km, there are many other sandy beaches.

  • Hills and forests (the Balkan Mountains): These start from the outskirts of Obzor. There are routes suitable for walks lasting a couple of hours, half or a whole day. Not all paths are indicated, therefore it is advisable to seek some guidance before you go for a longer walk.
  • Going out: There are plenty of restaurants, cafes, bars in and around Obzor. Local produce (mostly organic, albeit not certified) is widely used. Many restaurants offer fish from the day's catch. Wine produced from locally grown family vineyards can be tasted and bought in many houses.
  • Trips: The most popular day trips are to Varna (60 km), Burgas (70 km) and Nesebar (30 km). There are many other day trip options, e.g. visits to villages inland, to the delta of the Kamchia river, etc.

Also available by arrangement are trips to neighbouring Romania (2 hours to the border) and Turkey (2.5 hours to the border). These may require more than one day.

Typical prices

  • Bus Varna-Obzor – 9 lv.
  • Three course meal in a restaurant – 8-12 lv.
  • 500 ml draught lager – 1-2 lv.
  • Parasol for 1 day – 2-3 lv.

Exchange rate is pegged (fixed) at EUR1=BGN1.95. The common abbreviation for the Bulgarian currency, BGN or the lev, is lv.

The typical accommodation in Obzor is in private houses, where the owners occupy the ground floor and rent out the upper two or three floors. The quality of accommodation varies between houses and roughly corresponds to one to three star hotel levels.
Normally the accommodation on offer is not officially rated and it comes down to common sense judgement to decide whether the asking price corresponds to the facilities described and offered by the owners. In most cases you will find better than expected value for money.
Please contact the individual landlords with queries regarding availability and bookings.
Alternatively, e-mail to obzor@obzorbulgaria.com
Please choose form the current list below:

And finally…
Obzor is one of the few remaining places in Europe where tourism has its own local character. The likelihood is that your expectations for a couple of meaningful and relaxed weeks will be easily surpassed and you will be pleasantly surprised by the variety of activities.
Mass tourism practices of the concrete hotel block type are yet to arrive here and it is uncertain how long this interim idyll will last.